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Summary of the project Proposal


The aim of the project is to equip teachers with ICT competences to improve and develop the teaching process that leads students with hearing difficulties to raise their motivation to learn, forms learning skills that are necessary for everybody to live in the information and knowledge based society.

The project has envisaged the integration of ICT in the teaching and learning process thus making the learning process more effective.

The target group consists of practicing teachers and future teachers working with the children having hearing difficulties in the participating countries.

It is planned to analyse the existing situation initial and in-service teacher education programmes, methodological materials for teachers in the work with children having hearing difficulties, to work out the course for teachers to develop ICT competences, to test the course, to prepare the advice book for teachers in core subjects (mathematics, mother tongue in primary school).

 Main outputs comprise a course description, study materials for the course and advice book how to use ICT in the core subjects. The study materials are planned in the form of a CD version and printed material for the use in the form of Distance Education.

The project is planned to be carried out in the cooperation with schools, centres for children with hearing difficulties, centres for teacher training.

 The project lasts for three years.