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Target Groups


The target groups will be

·  direct

- future teachers, studying in programmes for the work with children with hearing difficulties – study course – “The integration of ICT in the study process for children with hearing difficulties” will help them to be successful in special and inclusive class.

-practicing teachers,  in–service training - the same study course, the course will be taught in the form of distance education and it will help them to use ICT as tools for the improvement of the teaching.

-practicing and future teachers in core subjects, they will be proposed the above mentioned course and the advice book.


-the students with hearing difficulties – will learn core subjects in a new learning, developing environment that is expected to improve their motivation to learn, to develop learning skills.

The users of the outputs will be universities, teacher training centres, associations, foundations working with teachers.

The course will help the teachers to understand better the children with hearing difficulties and to use suitable ICT in teaching those children thus promoting the use of modern technologies in learning.

The advice book “Some hints for using ICT in the core subjects” will stimulate the teacher to look for new ideas systematically in order to promote and keep the interest of the children in learning.

The impact on the target groups

-the teachers will develop ICT competences as a result of the course, as well as using DE as a study form,

-the teachers will learn to work by networking,

-the teachers will have new competences to work in special and inclusive class, they will better understand the approach of inclusive school,

-they will have the possibility to see the changes in pupils attitude to the learning process, the development of learning skills, if they use ICT in teaching making it exciting