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The outcomes


Output No 1. The course description and schedule (approx. 3 - 5pages).

Output No 2. The course materials “The integration of ICT in the study process for children with hearing difficulties” (for the use in DE form; printed version, CD – ROM) about 120 pages.

The course is planned for the future teachers as a selective course for to work with children having hearing difficulties.

It is also planned to be used for in-service training of teachers, teachers of core subjects (mother tongue and mathematics) as well as for those interested in working in the field of education with children having hearing difficulties.

 The course is planned in the form of Distance Education.

Output No 3. The advice book “Some hints for using ICT in the core subjects”, about 80 pages.

It will be combined together with the course to stimulate the practicing teachers to apply the acquired knowledge in the practical teaching to promote the development of the competencies necessary to make the teaching and learning effective. The course will take forty weeks. After first ten weeks there will be a face-to-face session to analyze and disseminate first results. The course is planned in stages – general part that is necessary for any teacher, specific (for children with hearing difficulties), core subjects (general → specific→ subjects).

The tutors in every country will help the teachers to acquire a course in “bits”, every week one “bit”.

Forty weeks are planned to get used to modern technologies, to use a Web page, to learn to participate in forum discussions, videoconferences, to combine studies with the practical work at schools, to do networking.

The practise in the schools is envisaged for future teachers to work together with practicing teachers.

After finishing the project the course in planned to offer for Comenius catalogue to invite the teachers from other European countries to participate in the course.

All partners will work together on the course description that will be based on the teacher’s professional standard and research results.

Every project partner will prepare a material for the course in the form of DE. A team will be formed to finalize the course, because the partners have different experience, background.

Every project partner will work on the advice book “Some hints for using ICT in the core subjects” in their own countries, the hints will be discussed together and prepared for the use in all partner countries.

Research Academic Computer Technology Institute will create the learning environment for on-line version and takes up the responsibilities of the course administration.

Detailed partner contribution in Work Plan.